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Balancing Being & Doing to Restore Harmony

Started a new mindfulness couMay be an image of 3 peoplerse earlier this month with this intention of restoring this sacred balance between:
being & doing,
yin & yang
feminine & masculine
giving & receiving
Letting go, letting in (we need to let go to make space for the new to emerge, to be empty and receptive)
When this balance exists in our body our health is optimal (homeostasis state)
This balance exists in our breath. I invited us to feel these energies of yin and yang in our breath, deeply feeling one at a time and then noticing how they balance one another.
This balance exists everywhere in us and everywhere in nature, in the seasons, everything rises and falls, begins and ends, works and rests, all of life expands and contracts.
As human beings, we have forgotten about the BEING part. Mindfulness practice helps us remember & tend to our aliveness.
When we do we restore balance within ourselves. And when we restore the balance within it can exist without.
We have brought ourselves completely out of balance with our industrial growth society, only expanding, addicted to growth, profit, efficiency, powered by fossil fuels, evolving in a linear way, forgetting our biosphere is cyclical and cannot sustain these ways.
We have gotten so caught up, so consumed in unbalanced doing that we have forgotten we are held, we are immersed in Mother Earth and us being out of sync with Her has brought our very planet out of balance 🌎
Restoring the balance without begins within. Doing less, being more. Slowing Down. Being present with our doing so that we are doing things with awareness and love and letting go of all that isn’t necessary and doesn’t make sense.
It is simple: what doesn’t regenerate us, doesn’t regenerate Life. Our personal and planetary wellbeing are completely intertwined.
Our minds can get us stuck but our bodies are hardwired to know. Calm the mind and access an infinite source of wisdom
I feel so passionate about this, I struggle with short posts, thank you if you’ve slowed down enough to make it here. Sending you so much love 💚🌷✨