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The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) is an 8-week program aimed at people from all sorts of backgrounds who have busy lives and want to bring more joy and peace of mind into daily life

The training takes place over the course of 8 weeks with weekly sessions lasting 2.5 hours and an additional stillness session. Session includes mainly formal practice (which consists in different forms of meditations guided by the trainer), sharing of individual experiences around the practice with the group and some theory where we delve deeper into some key themes. 

Guided meditations help cultivate awareness of the breath and awareness of the body (still or in movement) and this gradually expands to awareness of senses, thoughts and emotions and finally we move into open awareness. The first part of the training is aimed at developing concentration, gathering our energy and attention. This helps one feel more centered and at peace. In the second part of the training this quality of attention is applied to help deal more consciously with stress and difficulties which brings more ease into our daily life.

At the end of the 8 week training, you will have the necessary skills and support to pursue the practice by yourself and integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Follow-up sessions available on demand.

home practice

A very important part of the training and to the success of this approach is your personal commitment and willingness to practice this at home. During the course, you will receive a workbook and all the audio meditations so that you can be fully supported in your home practice.  It is key that you make space and time for daily practice at least for the 8 weeks during the training and see where it takes you. Being busy is something most of us experience nowadays but making time in this way to practice will bring you benefits that will last you a lifetime.

introductory meeting

Before the program begins there is a 1 on 1 introductory session. This is the opportunity to inform you more extensively about the program, answer any questions you may have, discuss your needs and expectations from the training and ensure that your life situation and the program are a good match. There is of course opportunity for you to contact me with any preliminary questions by phone or email ahead of this meeting.          

what you will learn

Here are a few of the things you will learn during the training:

  • How to practice meditation (the formal practice of mindfulness) 
  • How to practice mindfulness in daily life (the informal practice of mindfulness)
  • Deepen your concentration which will bring you greater stability and centeredness 
  • 8 attitudes to cultivate to invite greater mindfulness into your life
  • Improve your overall awareness and ability to pay attention and be present                       
  • Learn to watch your thoughts, feelings and emotions and achieve a deeper understanding of how you function
  • Become fully aware of what you perceive as stressful and how stress impacts your body and mind
  • See through limiting beliefs and mind patterns and gain a sense of inner freedom
  • How to respond consciously rather than react automatically (i.e. in stressful or difficult situations)
  • All the tools and support you need to continue your mindfulness practice after the training
  • The training will help you access a greater sense of resilience and well-being during the training, and, if you keep up the practice, for the rest of your life.

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