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Hi there and welcome!

My name is Marjorie Lumet.

My mission is to invite joy and purpose into our lives through living in harmony with ourselves, others and nature. My medicine is creating a healing and nourishing space within which I invite you to experience mindfulness, nature connection and deep ecology practices in community.

We live in a time where we are called to evolve our way of being in the world, how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Our modern way of living has become increasingly individualistic, fast-paced, automatic, disconnected and sadly often destructive to our wellbeing and the planet. We are invited to move away from this unsustainable paradigm into a more nurturing, authentic, collaborative and aligned way forward, one that takes care of our own well-being whilst contributing to that of others and of our environment. One that sustains and regenerates Life rather than depletes it. This deep transformation towards a way forward that regenerates us, our communities and the natural world is our greatest mission at this time on Earth.

I believe it is essential to have restorative spaces where we can heal, grow and reinvent ourselves. Spaces where we can connect deeply to ourselves, others and Nature to experience clarity, empowerment and purpose in our actions. Let’s contribute to a healthier ecosystem for our own vitality, the sake of our communities and that of generations to come!

More about my own journey … 

This journey started for me with the practice of mindfulness, waking up to the fullness of being alive, to my body, my senses and the beauty all around, to the world of feeling rather than overthinking, rediscovering my inner knowing and intuition, nurturing the more feminine qualities within me of being, caring and mothering, following the courageous path of my heart.

In 2015, I became a mother for the second time and in a leap of faith, left my corporate role to venture into the world of self-entrepreneurship to heal and transform my own life and that of others. That is when this website was born and I started sharing the practice of mindfulness through 8-week mindfulness MBSR courses.

Of course, the true journey started well before then. I’ve always been trying to make sense of the world around me and contribute meaningfully. As a child, I had a deep love of Nature and this love and the sense of wonder and bliss I experience in the natural world has never left me. But I got quite lost in the less nurturing human world, despite doing very well academically and functioning well on the surface professionally, for a long time I had not a clue what I actually wanted to do.

I worked 15 years in the corporate world in client facing roles within media, fundraising and event management agencies in the UK, France, Italy & The Netherlands. Even if this was not soul nourishing, purposeful work, it was what I knew and I got stuck there for a while. Thankfully, motherhood stopped me in my tracks. The fast-paced rhythm & deadlines of this desk & tech bound corporate world wasn’t compatible with the slower, more nurturing and natural rhythm of my pregnant and maternal body.

Around that stressful time of juggling it all and the joylessness of it, I started a daily mindfulness practice. It gradually changed my life and empowered me to live it fully. By practicing mindfulness, I was literally bringing more presence and just by doing that, experiencing more joy in my life as it unfolded. Nothing changed on the surface and yet everything was different. Even if there were many things that I still didn’t like then in my life I was able to make peace with them whilst also gradually bringing small but significant changes to my habits giving me the energy and space to eventually make more substantial changes. I was blown away at the power of the practice to transform my own life and studied to become a mindfulness trainer to share the power of mindful presence with my world.

I’ve never looked back except with deep gratitude at how much more presence, purpose and joy I’ve invited into my own life and how much meaningful transformation I’ve witnessed in others through the work I’ve been sharing with passion, trust and care.

Since embarking on this path of healing and transformation, I’ve continued to learn, train and grow.

I’ve supported many families in the making through mindful birthing & parenting courses and also as a birth doula.

I’ve witnessed many people suffering from moderate to high levels of stress, chronic pain, burn-out and depression often due to work stress. I enjoy working with companies to enhance wellbeing, collaboration and creativity in the workplace.

I’ve trained as a coach to support people on a personal level to uncover more joy and purpose in their lives .

As a nature lover, I’ve guided many groups outdoors for mindful nature walks also known as forest bathing. I’ve noticed how being mindful outdoors is deeply restorative and have gradually began offering more nature connection practices within all of my courses.

For many years I was missing a more engaged form of mindfulness. In our world there is so much beauty and there is a lot that is falling apart, we are witnessing ecological breakdown, social injustice, etc. How can we relate to all of this and embody the change we want to see? I was longing to make the bridge between mindfulness, our sense of purpose and the needs of a world under pressure.

What I have found most helpful for myself personally to help navigate these times of profound social and ecological transition is deep ecology work. This work invites us to radically rethink our role as human beings in Earth and act in a way that serves and sustains Life. I’ve been inspired in particular by Joanna Macy’s work and Thich Nhat Hanh. In recent years, I’ve trained to facilitate The Work that Reconnects & Active Hope Circles. This work combines mindfulness, nature connection, community reflection & empowers individual and collective action in service of Life. This work supports those that are change-makers, healers, caretakers, parents, activists and anyone who experiences concern and deep care about the planet and wants to act and move forward in a more wholesome and sustainable way.