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Awaken your potential & live a wholesome, meaningful life!

Join us and Enjoy

    • Coaching Exercises

    • Guided meditation and visualizations

    • Role Play

    • Embodiment practices

    • Intuitive movement & dance

    • Pilates beginner & Intermediate

In de Meditatie tuin in Amstel Park, an ideal location to recharge and enjoy the beauty of nature within the city of Amsterdam. Join us now 

This retreat is designed for anyone who needs an introspective break from their daily routine and for those who wants to live a life with more presence, pleasure and purpose.


At the Awaken Your Potential Retreat, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, inviting you to explore the nuances of your unique path.

We ask questions that illuminate the areas where you might seek growth:

Emoji Feeling Stuck and Lacking Energy: What sparks your inner fire?

Emoji Chronic Stress and Health Issues: How can you nurture your well-being?

Emoji Anxiety and Anger: What tools resonate for emotional resilience?

Emoji  Work Challenges and Toxic Environments: How can you navigate work stress?

Emoji Parenting Struggles and Burnout: What balance and self-care could you embrace?

Emoji Desire for More Self-Care and Balance: What’s your unique path to well-being?

Emoji  Finding Your Life’s Purpose: What whispers of Back to purpose are waiting to be heard?

Coming up on Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 March 2024 – Sign up here


  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life

  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace

  • Build resilience and learn to work with challenging situations

  • Gain deeper clarity on your life purpose and values

  • Make a plan to align your actions with your vision

  • Deepen self-awareness through mindful practices

  • Shift your mindset to invite greater joy, empowerment and trust into your life


✨ Deep Self-Discovery and Clarity:
We guide you to explore your life purpose and values.

✨ Mindfulness Practices for Presence:
Discover techniques to cultivate mindfulness.

✨ Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:
How might you shift your mindset for joy and trust?

✨ Self-Compassion and Resilience:
Explore self-compassion as a source of strength.

✨ Embodied Presence Through Movement:
What does intuitive movement reveal?


Emoji Saturday:  9.30am to 6.30pm    Introspection Day     (lunch included in the price)

Emoji  Sunday:     9.30am to 4pm        Get into movement ​  (lunch included in the price)

Accommodation &Transport costs are not included


“I enjoyed reflecting on my values because I never gave this attention before. Good chemistry, coaching techniques and mindfulness are totally complementary.Carole

“I enjoyed spending so much time focusing on myself as I generally focus on others. I showed up 100% for the first time and I am leaving with real and achievable decisions.” – Ozenc

Mindfulness techniques were great as my mind travels different places. Really amazing! Dancing it out was the best!”– Effie

“A brilliant collaboration, perfect match, the yin and the yang, they complete and complement one another.”Marina

Your guides during this 2-day unique experience

A. Gelebart by GENEVIÈVE CHASSÉ portraits Print Version-6.jpg


is a Certified Leadership & Team Coach and a Supervisor with a strong business background mostly spent in international corporations across Europe. She works with internationals to help them thrive in their professional and personal lives. She coaches one-on-one and designs workshops and retreats.

Anne lives by the principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body and teaches Pilates. Anne loves the thrill of improv theatre—which she’s been practising since 2020. She speaks fluent English and Spanish in addition to her native French.  www.angelcoachinginternational.com


has been sharing the practice of mindfulness for almost 10 years in group settings and one-on-one. She is passionate about inviting more presence, nurturing energy and harmony in the way we relate to ourselves, others and nature. She also facilitates deep ecology practices in community to invite us to reconnect with the natural world and anchor a life-sustaining way fourth. She’s currently training in shamanism and women’s wisdom at the moment to support her on her path.