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Mindfulness at work

 Is your forward-thinking organization committed to fostering success through prioritizing the mental well-being of your employees?

Discover how our tailored mindfulness offerings, focusing on resilience and sustainability, can empower your team for day-to-day excellence.

Ready to elevate your workplace experience?



Workplace Mindfulness & Well-Being Offerings:

  1. Mindful Momentum Program:
  • Keywords: Mindfulness, Collective Well-Being, Resilience
  • Elevate your team’s mindfulness with our group training sessions or comprehensive 8-week programs. Cultivate resilience and enhance collective well-being for sustained success. This can be implemented within or outside of working hours.


2. Well-Being Immersion Retreats:

  • Keywords: Day Retreats, Half-Day Events, Balance, Self-Compassion
  • Immerse your team in a day or half-day well-being event or retreat. Rediscover purpose & balance through a blend of mindfulness, embodiment & conscious movement practices, team coaching and community building activities.


3. Nature-Inspired Team Building:

  • Keywords: Forest Bathing, Nature Walks, Sustainability
  • Embark on transformative journeys with forest bathing and nature walks in and around Amsterdam. Strengthen your team’s bond while fostering a deep connection with nature.



Work That Reconnects4. Community-Centric Vision Sessions:

  • Keywords: Active Hope, Co-Creation, Team Storytelling
  • Foster a culture of creativity and thriving collaboration through community building sessions. Explore individual and team values and aspirations, connect around purpose through Active Hope practices.
  • Mindful communication, co-creation, team storytelling, and visioning for a cohesive and inspired workplace.


5. Personalized Mindfulness Coaching:

  • Keywords: 1-on-1 Coaching, Self-Compassion, Somatic Coaching
  • Receive personalized support with 1-on-1 mindfulness coaching. Embrace self-compassion and somatic coaching for individual growth and resilience.




Unlock the Full Potential:

Since 2015, I’ve been dedicated to enhancing personal and collective well-being to invite in more inner and outer connection, joy and creativity into my environment. My approach integrates mindfulness, community building, and visioning. I am a trained facilitator of Active Hope, a community empowerment process that drives meaningful change in individuals and teams. This approach is rooted in the Work that Reconnects (Joanna Macy) empowering us to tap into our inner resources and community to anchor a more wholesome and sustainable way forward. Drawing from various disciplines such as mindfulness, compassion, embodiment coaching, deep ecology work, non-violent communication, yoga, and more, I will tailor each experience to meet your unique needs. To find out more and create something nurturing and relevant for your workplace get in touch with me: mlumet@yahoo.fr

Our Ideal Partners:

We thrive in collaboration with companies committed to creating a culture of well-being and sustainability. If your organization is dedicated to fostering a positive workplace, let’s connect and explore how I can tailor a program to suit your needs.

Here are some of the organisations I’ve worked for in the last years: Triodos Bank, Cityplot, Booking.com, Spotify, Ikea, Transition Network, Birla Carbon, etc. 

“My collective did a half-day session on The Work That Reconnects with Marjorie. The session was quite profound on both the individual and organisational level. It catalysed some very deep conversations and connections, and has helped us as an organisation to talk about difficult issues that people who love the planet are increasingly confronted with. We emerged stronger and more committed and even more convinced about the power of our collective. I would highly recommend working with Marjorie: she is calm, insightful, warm, non-judgemental, professional and inspiring.” – Ann Doherty – Cityplot, Greening the City  

“I appreciated to take a step back away from our desks and screens and take some time to connect with eachother and spend time in nature. It was very calming and resourcing. I felt more connected to my peers and got a chance to know them more and would love to experience that more. Overall, it was a very good and special experience, a bit off the beaten tracks of corporate work life that I believe grounded us and connected us more. I feel that we each will be able to recall this moment over the coming months if/when things get more volatile and shaky around us at work.” – Sabine Coulon & team, Ikea Digital Circular Ventures  

Benefits of Mindfulness at Work 

  • Mindfulness in the workplace has many benefits. It can help boost well-being, vitality, focus, emotional intelligence, collaboration and creativity on top of keeping stress at bay and preventing burn-out.


    🌟 Enhances general wellbeing and vitality 

    🌟 Reduced stress & disease (immune system boost)

    🌟 Improved focus and concentration

    🌟 Ability to pause between stimulus and response

    🌟 Better relationships, more empathy and greater emotional intelligence

    🌟 Healthier sleep

    🌟 Awareness of negative thoughts

    🌟 Improved organizational skills

    🌟 Feeling calm throughout the day

    🌟 Increased self-awareness

    🌟 Improved ability to make clear decisions

    🌟 More stable mental state, less rumination

    🌟 Increased resilience in the face of challenges

    🌟 More inner peace and enjoyment

    🌟 Positive outlook and flexibility of mind

    🌟 Increased capacity to be present

    🌟 Getting into flow more easily

    🌟 More divergent thinking enabling greater creativity

    Read more about Active Hope benefits here 

Inner Change for Outer Change Starts Here: Empower Your Team, Boost Creativity, and Drive Success. Get Started with Customised Mindfulness and Active Hope Offerings – Get in touch now! mlumet@yahoo.fr