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“Learning to embrace yourself and your imperfections gives you the resilience needed to thrive”

When : Wednesday mornings from 10h to 11h45

20 November 2019, 22 January, 12 February, 4 March 2020

Location : Derde Kostverlorenkade 21hs, 1054TP Amsterdam (my living room)

Price : 30 Euros per workshop, 100 Euros for full series of 4

Registration : email me at marjorie@experiencemindfulness.nl

Every month, I open my living room to a small circle of people and create a safe space to slow down, become aware of what is present and explore how we relate to ourselves and our experience.

Learn tools to increase your self-awareness and self-compassion. Self-compassion significantly helps reduce anxiety and depression and enhance overall well-being and self-confidence. Self-compassion is NOT selfish, being kind to yourself actually is the foundation to being more compassionate to others. The source of being of service and contributing to a more compassionate world is beginning to accept and love yourself just as you are.

Most of us engage in negative self-talk now and again, especially when we are feeling a bit tired and run down, it can be very easy to fall into this trap, and often with little or no awareness of what conditions we are creating. Being your worst critic, feeling insecure or playing small isn’t serving you in any way and limiting your beautiful potential. The good news is that self-compassion is an extremely powerful and healing practice to shift your relationship to yourself and help you move forward in a more constructive way. These practices are easy, accessible and transformative

Series 1: Love your Body

In this course, we lay the foundations of self-compassion. We begin to explore our relationship with our home: Our body. Often the way we relate to our body isn’t helpful and supportive of our well-being. Especially for women we can feel a lot of pressure to look a certain way and feel shame or judgmental about certain parts of our body. It is never to late to change this and appreciate the absolute miracle your body is. Come and experience just how that feels.

Series 2: Affectionate Breathing and Loving Kindness

We continue this series with appreciation of the body and in particular the breath, foundational to our aliveness and vitality. We will practice together a powerful meditation to cultivate compassion towards ourselves and others. Finally we will look into applying self-compassion in daily life.

Series 3: Working with Difficulty, Self-Compassionate Break

Especially when things get tough, instead of treating ourselves nice we often add a layer of suffering by shame, self-blame and feelings of inadequacy. The good news is that with awareness, reflection and compassion practices we can shift things around. Discover some tools and practices to help you and share challenges and insights with others in a safe space.

Series 4: Living Deeply

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”

To thrive and live from the heart we need to align who we are with what we do. In this session we will spend some attention uncovering meaning, look at our core values and how we can bring these more vividly into our lives. We’ll also examine what gets in the way of us living our values: shame and negative core beliefs.

Note : I also teach mindfulness-based programs that increase self-compassion but more implicitly, self-compassion is a super highway into that. You don’t need to practice mindfulness to benefit immensely from these tools.