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Community is everything. When we practice in a group, share in authenticity and reflect in a community, we learn form one another and grow together.

Over the last years I have facilitated many meditation evenings, a wonderful way to expand one’s mindfulness practice, however I always felt I wanted yet more space to connect and share as a group.

That is why I created the Mindful Circle : a safe, non-judgmental space to gather in a circle for practice and share our insights and challenges allowing us to explore, learn and grow in mindfulness together. Especially in these times where social interactions are challenged, the opportunity for sharing deeply in a safe space is precious.

Every month or so we will explore a new theme. I will share some theory, guide us through practices and as you will have gathered, there will be plenty of space for sharing 🙂

I look forward to seeing you there.


Self-compassion Circle : Tuesday 24 November from 19h to 21h

Setting Intentions Circle : Tuesday 22 December from 19h to 21h

Radical Self-Care Circle : Tuesday 26 January from 19h to 21h 

Living Purposefully : Tuesday 23 February from 19h to 21h

Playfulness & Joy : Tuesday 23 March from 19h to 21h

Location : For now all these circles will be facilitated online on Zoom

Price: €25

Registration : Send an email to marjorie@experiencemindfulness.nl to attend.