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Preparing together for birth


Birth matters, this life experience will stay with you for the rest of your life and influence the start of your parenting journey. While the process of birth is not something we can control, having awareness of this process and what you can do to influence it to unfold optimally is key to approach birth with confidence. 


This is a series of 3 Mindful Birthing partner workshops to prepare you and your partner physically, emotionally and mentally for the big event that giving birth is. Each workshop offers a combination of childbirth education, information and plenty of hands-on tools and mindfulness practices. In these workshops you will learn a variety of techniques to help you engage the mind and body to deal with the intensity of labour, manage pain and fear during birth. You will learn internal resources such as mindfulness / focused attention practices, breathing, visualisation as well as external resources such as partner support, birth environment and communication with caregivers. Each session starts and sometimes ends with a short mindfulness practice and sharing round. There is space to connect with other expecting parents during the break or in some of the more interactive practices.

When ? Saturday 29 February from 14h30 to 17h30, Saturday 7th March from 17h30 to 20h, Saturday 14th March from 17h30 to 20h 

Where? Yoganida, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 120, 1012 SH Amsterdam

Price : 69 Eur per couple per worksop, 195 Eur for whole series 

Registrations : www.yoganida.com/workshops

Note 1: It is highly recommended to attend the full series for a complete birth preparation with your partner. Each session builds and complements the previous one. If you are only able to attend one or couple of sessions you would still significantly benefit from it however you would not be getting the full set of information and tools.

Note 2: Some experience with meditation, mindfulness or yoga is recommended. Some of the practices used are focused attention practices and if one has experience working with attention regulation (meditation) this may prove easier. If you have no experience, you are very welcome but it is recommended to practice at home for maximum benefit. Resources will be shared to support you with this.

Note 3 : Group sessions are currently hosted at Yoganida however can also be facilitated in the privacy of your home (for an individual course different pricing applies)

Series 1: The physiology of labour and the mind/body connection

In the first half of the session, we look in detail at the physiology of labour, what happens in the body and mind, what sensations birthing women experience. We discuss the different stages of labour and what happens during these. Finally, we’ll examine the mind/body connection and how when we are stressed because of painful sensations this actually works against us, has an adverse effect on physiology and the birthing process is hindered.

In the second half of the session, we engage in plenty of hands-on practices to work with painful sensations using focused attention and mindfulness techniques that can prove invaluable to remain centred and work with the sensations of birth rather than against them. Being present and breathing is so key to support birth to unfold optimally and mindfulness is at the core of this. The more we can practice it, the more it will serve us in birth as well as benefit our well-being and health during pregnancy.

It is extremely valuable for partners to attend this session as they also need to remain present and centred during birth and through having experienced these tools can also support the birthing women to remain centred or return to this place.

Series 2: Birthing positions & Partner support

In the first half of the session, we examine what happens in the body during birth and how we can position the body to support progress in the different stages of labour. There will be some space for demonstrating and experiencing birthing positions and discussing benefits and downsides of key positions.

In the second half of the session, we will continue with some pain practices integrating partner support. These are all the techniques that your partner can use when you are in pain to help soothe you and keep you centred. We will introduce some pain relief techniques and use massage and touch.

series 3: birthing preferences & pain practices

In the first half of the session we will look at all the causes and conditions that influence the process of birth. Some of these we have control or influence on and some not. We’ll discuss birthing preferences and communicating this to your caregivers before and during the birth. There will be time for exchange with other couples and questions.

In the second half of the session we will engage in a last round of pain practices using all the techniques learnt in the previous series and a few additional ones so that you have a complete toolbox to choose from. Everyone is different so different techniques resonate with different people.