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Preparing together for birth


Birth matters, this life experience will stay with you for the rest of your life and influence the start of your parenting journey. While the process of birth is not something we can control, having awareness of this process and what you can do to influence it to unfold optimally is key to approach birth with confidence.


This 3-week series aims at preparing your partner & you for birth thanks to a great combination of childbirth education, information and plenty of hands-on tools & mindfulness practices. More specifically, we will cover:
– The physiology of birth, stages of labour & the mind-body connection
– Birth anatomy, birthing positions to support the birth & partner support
– Techniques to deal with the intensity of labour & manage pain & fear
– Birthing preferences & ways to create a supportive environment
– After birth: Needs of a postpartum family & baby cycles 
This program is meant for expecting couples or birth partners wanting to prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for the big event that giving birth is.
Note : Prior experience with meditation, yoga or mindfulness is preferred but not mandatory. Please wear comfortable clothes.
It will be led by Marjorie Lumet, mindfulness & self-compassion coach, childbirth educator and doula. She’s also a mother of 2 and knows what a huge transformation becoming a parent is. She offers courses & workshops to support expecting couples throughout pregnancy and the beauty and intensity of birth.
Note : I offer private birth preparation sessions covering the same content. This is organised as 3 x2.5 h sessions and the price of the full private birth preparation is 500 euros.  If you live in Amsterdam I can offer this preparation in person.

Registrations : email me marjorie@experiencemindfulness.nl