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Doula Services

Pregnancy, Birth and becoming a parent are certainly amongst the most transformative events through adult life. The transformation that a woman’s body goes through to create, nurture and birth life is simply amazing. Even though a desired pregnancy often comes with joy and anticipation, it is also a time of vulnerability, not knowing and stress due to very rapid changes unfolding or upcoming.

As a doula, I aim to support you and your partner (or assist you as a single mom) as best I can in this time of change by helping prepare you for this process, being present, guiding and supporting you physically and emotionally where necessary so that birth can unfold as optimally as possible in the circumstances you find yourself in. I seek to provide a calming environment and decrease anxiety and apprehension, while providing reassurance and guidance and empowering you and your partner where I can.

As a mindfulness teacher and mindful childbirth and parenting educator, I can introduce you to a variety of powerful practices and tools to help you towards relaxation, balance and well-being during pregnancy that will prepare your body and mind for birth and prove invaluable during birth itself.

In more detail, below is an overview of what I can offer, depending on your needs/focus:

First Intake

Complimentary consultation (non-binding), to explore needs and wishes and to establish if we are a good fit

Before Birth

  • Be there for you to listen to your wishes and concerns around the pregnancy.
  • Do my best to support these wishes and ease your concerns or apprehensions where I can.
  • Help you have an optimal mindset for what is to come.
  • Guide you in the elaboration of a birth preference sheet and also when relevant and needed be your advocate in the birthing room to help these preferences be respected where possible
  • Introduce you (and your partner) to relaxation and breathing techniques (providing well-being during pregnancy and key to support you during birth)
  • Teach you mindfulness and pain coping techniques allowing to work optimally with the sensations of birth
  • Relaxation massage as desired: ranging from a 1,5 hour full body to a shorter more focused massage on parts of the body experiencing tension.

During Birth

  • Nurture a calm, loving environment during your birth experience to help bring you into a more peaceful state throughout labour.
  • Assist you and your partner in remaining centred, present and empowered throughout the birthing process as best I can.
  • Where helpful using mindfulness, breathing, touch, verbal encouragement and various tools to help you through the birthing process
  • Suggesting and assisting with birth positions that enhance your labor progress, conserve your energy
  • Assisting with relaxation in between contractions
  • Ensure that you and your partner are well nourished for the work of labor and birth
  • Ideally, we will have practiced pain coping and mindfulness techniques prior to birth so that these are familiar and can support you most. Even if you haven’t practiced at all, some of these techniques can be implemented on the spot and they can still be of great support.

After the birth

  •  I will provide non-judgemental support for you and your growing family, I believe in supporting your choices, preferences and hopes for the birth and beyond.
  • provide a postpartum home visit scheduled after the birth to reflect on the birth and support your postpartum transition.

Doula Package Standard – €650 

  • Complimentary consultation (non-binding), to explore needs and wishes and to establish if we are a good fit
  • ONE visit at your midwife during a check-up
  • THREE Private Birth Preparation Sessions tailored to your needs
  • Unlimited phone and email counselling
  • Continuous birth support from point of contact until 2+hours after birth or as needed (on call 24/7 from 37 weeks until week 42)
  • ONE postpartum appointment to process birth, offer any needed support or referral

Doula Package Deluxe – €950 

All of the above + 8-week mindful birthing course for expecting couple  


“It’s been almost a year ago now since our son arrived into this world – a journey which began around midnight and lasted for about seven hours; afterwards, life never has been the same again. My husband and I arrived at Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis Oost hospital by 5 am; excited, a bit gigglish, but above all – curious about the mystery of birth and the little human about to be born.

The first contractions felt like as if you are sitting on a beach, right where the sea starts, and waves are rocking you gently. Then we were brought to another room and a nurse asked us whether it was ok if a doula would be present. We were introduced to Marjorie – a very calming, soothing personality, who has the talent to “erase” panic and pain – by the look in her eyes, by her voice, and by her magic hands.

The contractions hit my low back a lot (the vacation-like sea-rocking sensation was over); at some point I was almost demolishing my husband’s hand and turned into a red round puffing monster. That’s when Marjorie showed me how to breath the pain “downwards” (I still remember those techniques and use them whenever I need to calm down or to lift something heavy). She also took over control of the whole room (so that there was silence) and let me concentrate purely on the ritual of birth giving. Despite the enormous emotional and physical tension I have never experienced such peace of mind before – there was no single random thought; there was just a miracle happening – and there were just my husband, me, Marjorie, and, several hours later – a new Person ???

Thank you, dear Marjorie, for the magic. I highly recommend Marjorie to all mothers-to-be.” –  Zhanel, April 2019

“Je remercie avec tout mon cœur Marjorie de m’avoir accompagné dans la fin de ma grossesse.
Nous avons partagé durant plusieurs séances afin de gérer la douleur des contractions lors de l’accouchement. Grâce à des exercices de respirations, des postures à adopter et de la méditation.
Elle m’a aussi beaucoup aidé durant mon accouchement sans péridurale avec sa douceur et son apaisement qui m’ont fait surmonter la douleur en particulier lors de la dernière heure.
Marjorie est très professionnelle et emphatique. Ses connaissances apportent beaucoup.
Les compagnons peuvent mieux imaginer le déroulement d’un accouchement.
Un immense MERCI “Pauline, June 2019