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Adjusting to the 4th trimester

Note : This postpartum workshop takes place quarterly. Next upcoming workshop TBD


Most expecting parents are understandably very focused on the birth of their child; welcoming a little one is a life-changing event for which mental, physical and emotional preparation proves to be highly beneficial.

But what happens next? Childbirth is in fact just the beginning of a wonderful (yet for most parts completely new) life chapter, and this newness, combined with short nights and hormonal fluctuations, may come with its set of challenges and make us feel pretty vulnerable at times.

Overall, very little attention is given to the “fourth trimester”, and while it may be challenging, surrounding yourself with knowledge, proper support and the right resources can make your journey sooooo much smoother as you transition into parenthood.


During this interactive session, the needs of a family during the first months after birth will be addressed extensively. A team of postpartum experts will also be present to support you in your journey, share their perspectives on what is key during this special time window, and answer any questions you may have.

What you can expect in this workshop:

  • Unfolding the cycles & rhythms of a newborn, infant and mother needs
  • Staying calm in the midst of a storm – Tools & techniques to stay calm & connected to yourself and your baby in early parenting led by Marjorie Lumet, Mindfulness coach focused on supporting mothers/couples in pregnancy, birth and parenting from Experience Mindfulness
  • Honouring the postpartum body while supporting the bonding process with your baby through yoga – gentle exercise to relieve tensions in both mom’s and baby’s body led by Marie-Laure Hauters, pregnancy, babies & kids yoga teacher, and founder of Yoganida
  • Breastfeeding 101 – everything you need to know about feeding your baby in the first months of life with lactation consultant Mamma Minds Marieke van Luin
  • Postpartum Recovery – Healing treatements & postpartum care with Adisti Sterk & Mirjam Heemskerk from Postpartum Massage Nederland

Contribution: €35 per person/ €50 per couple

Location : Yoganida, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 120, 1012 SH Amsterdam

Registration : www.yoganida/workshops

Dates : (TBD)

This workshop is relevant if you are expecting (especially in the 2nd or 3rd trimester) or have recently given birth (so-called “4th trimester’). The afternoon aims at shedding light on what to expect post-partum, normalising what you may be experiencing yourself, as well as offering initial tailored support.

Babies are of course more than welcome.